The Sonic Solutions workstation featured at Digital Editing Services is the fastest, most accurate and audibly purest audio editor in the industry. This not only assures seamless edits, but also allows very intricate edits and crossfades to be done without having to wait for the workstation to think about what you are asking it to do, and then for it to redraw the waveform at the edit, which happens with practically all other workstations on the market. Whether you need to edit out the slightest breath before a word, or completely rearrange the song order of a premastered project, Digital Editing Services is your best choice.

One example of the superiority of the Sonic Solutions editor is the fact that a soundfile can be opened and edits can be performed WHILE IT IS BEING RECORDED! Think of the time saved not having to sit & wait for the material to be loaded in before editing can begin.

We have thousands of hours experience in editing everything from dialog to dance and performance pieces.

Basic audio editing rate: $80.00 per hour




If you are submitting your project to D.E.S. for mastering at our Special Mastering Package rate, you will see on the rate page that the basic editing tasks are included: arranging the songs into proper order, chasing existing fades to perfect digital black, removing unwanted noises before or after songs, and fading songs in or out. But any additional editing beyond this, so called "micro editing", will be charged at an additional hourly rate. For intricate edits, you may be required to attend the editing session, which will not exclude you from getting the special rate for the mastering package - you will actually only attend the editing portion of the session. These additional editing requirements could include:

Radio Edits - click here for details

Snippettes - "Snippettes" are short pieces of songs usually 30 seconds to one minute in length that are used for promo cassettes or CD's. They normally feature a verse and chorus of four to six of the best cuts on the album crossfaded seamlessly together.

Removing Transient Noises - Short-duration glitches, clicks and pops can often be removed, whether they are digitally generated glitches or recorded noises.

Spotting Sounds & SFX - "Spotting" refers to the mixing in of sounds or sound effects at precise spots in the program. For instance, have an explosion occur on top of the last chord, or add finger snaps to the intro. Whatever you can bring in on CD, DAT, cassette or vinyl can be mixed in to your program.

Elaborate Crossfades - The Sonic Solutions SSHD workstation as featured at D.E.S. can perform crossfades of any duration, with the trailing song beginning on the precise desired beat of the song fading out.

Song Form Rearrangement - Digital editing offers many options that can be done quickly & easily. Some examples: Use the same chorus every time in the song for the best vocal harmonies; cut the guitar lead in half; add extra choruses to the end of the song; put part of the bridge at the beginning for an intro. Any of these are simple edits for an experienced editor.

Comping - "Comping" is editing between multiple mixes of the same song to assemble the perfect combination of the different song elements. For instance, mix #1 may have the best lead vocal volume, mix #2 an alternative vocal effect used during the choruses, and mix #3 the better guitar eq during the lead.

Lengthen or Shorten Songs - Cut a five minute long song down to a 3:30 version for radio, or repeat verses, choruses & instrumental parts for an extended version.

Basic audio editing rate: $80.00 per hour

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