Crookwood custom mastering console.

    Main system
        Sonic Solutions SSHD High Density Mastering System.
    Secondary system
        Sonic Studio soundBlade High Density Mastering System.
    Processing & related
        TC Electronic S6000 48 bit digital mainframe with MD-3, MD-4 and
                MD-5.1 mastering software.

        Legendary Audio Masterpiece analog mastering system.    
        Manley Massive Passive tube EQ
        Manley Mastering SLAM! electro-optical/F.E.T. limiter
        Thermionic Culture "Phoenix" master compressor
        Thermionic Culture "Culture Vulture" tube distortion generator
        TubeTech SMC-2B multi-band tube compressor.
        Massenburg Design Works high resolution digital eq.
        Waves L-2 digital limiter/IDR data reduction.
        Aphex Compellor compressor/leveler
        Aphex Dominator II multi-band limiter
        Aphex Studio Exciter III aural exciter
        United Audio 2192 Master Digital Audio Interface
        TC Electronic ADA96/24 96k, 24 bit AD/DA converter.
        Mytek WS24/24. 96k, 24 bit AD/DA converter.
        HHB Bit Box CD optimizer and sample rate converter.
        Mytek DDD-603 digital metering.
        Dorrough analog loudness meters.

        Ampex ATR-102 1/2" 2-track w/Dolby SR & A.
        Tascam 42B 1/4" 2-track.
        Tascam DA-45HR 24 bit DAT machine.
        Tascam DA-60 timecode DAT machine.
        Tascam DA-30 16 bit DAT machines
        CD recorders by Plextor, Yamaha and Marantz.
        Sony ES series and TEAC cassette decks.
    Monitor System
        Lipinski L-707 monitors.
        Dual Velodyne DD-12 subwoofers.
        Earthworks Sigma 6.2 monitors.

        Tannoy AVM' nearfiled monitors.
        Power by Bryston 4B SST, Hafler Trans-Nova and JBL
        United Audio 2192 d-to-a converter


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