For audio cleanup and restoration, Digital Editing Services features the acclaimed Sonic Solutions NoNoise system. Our NoNoise system can remove hiss from source material in the most transparent way possible, and is the industry standard for source-noise removal. Hiss in the source can come from analog tape, instrument or mic preamps, effects processors etc.

In many cases it is only necessary to noise-reduce quiet portions of a song such as an acoustic guitar intro or acapella section, at the end of songs with quick endings where noise becomes suddenly apparent, or if a fade out was done at the studio and the noise floor becomes audible as the fade progresses.

Tip: If you are bringing material that will need noise reducing, don't edit the top and tail of the material. For NoNoise to work at its best, it has to be shown a sample of the noise (called a noise 'footprint' or 'fingerprint') that it is to attenuate. If you edit the beginning or ending too tightly, there is usually no place to sample the raw noise without some instrument bleed, and the NoNoise system cannot function as efficiently.

If entire songs are to be noise reduced, this can be a time consuming process. In extreme cases it is better to reduce the noise in two or more passes each with a more subtle reduction rather than one pass with a lot of noise reduction.

Our standard mastering rate of $80/hour applies to restoration.

Our Sonic NoNoise system at Digital Editing Services is for removing broadband noise such as hiss as described above. If you require the restoration of vinyl records to remove clicks, pops, surface noise, crackle etc., or if you need forensic audio work such as the cleanup of surveillance recordings etc., there are engineers such as Phil York at Yorktown Digital in Irving, Texas who specialize in such work. Phil can be reached at 972/254-8161.





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