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 Mastering Engineer - George Geurin

Over 3 decades of experience in analog & digital recording. (since 1973)
George worked at the infamous "Recorder Center" in Dallas from 1973 through 1983, managing the specialty shop from '76 to '83. At Recorder Center, George worked in many aspects of professional and consumer audio:
- as a tape recorder technician learning the intricacies of analog tape deck
   alignment and maintenance
- as a pro audio salesman and installer learning the operational theory
   behind all types of studio gear and proper wiring and grounding
- as an evaluator comparing the sonic quality of all types of high-end pro and
   consumer audio gear to meet the needs of Recorder Center's demanding
- as an assistant and eventually engineering remote recordings primarily of
   gospel concerts
- as a salesman of esoteric high-end consumer audio gear developing the
   listening habits and trained ear necessary for this and, eventually, as a
   mastering engineer.

In 1976 Recorder Center carried the first commercially available digital recording system - the Sony PCM-10. Using the PCM-10 system, George was involved in the very first digital recording in the Southwest, a live recording of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

During his years working in area studios George engineered and co-produced many albums by area bands including punk and new-wave era pioneers such as NCM, The Telefones and Feet First as well as The Goons, Code 4 and the original recordings of Patrice Pike with the band Katau.

In 1983 George formed a partnership and opened "Diamond Night Recording Studios" in Dallas. Although short-lived due to partnership problems, Diamond Night set several precedents among Dallas studios, chief among these being the first Studer equipped studio in the region.

From 1985 through 1990 George continued to work in area studios as a free lance engineer, and also as an audio consultant for such firms as Abadon Sun and Westbrook Pro Audio.

In his years working as a free lance engineer, George had noticed studios turning down a lot of small editing and transfer jobs. It was also during this time that the first computer-based digital workstations began hitting the market. Seeing the digital handwriting on the wall, George started Digital Editing Services in December of 1990 with an Atari-based DigiDesign SoundTools system and a myriad of 2-tracks, PCM recorders, DAT machines and cassette decks. Originally doing just editing, assembly and transfers, but by July of 1991 George had expanded the system to include mastering processors, and the Dallas area's first dedicated mastering facility was on it's way.

In the ensuing years, George has mastered over 3000 albums ranging from local and regional artists to label acts such as Polyphonic Spree, Nitro and 8-Ball & MJG to Grammy winners Willie Hutch and Little Joe y la Familia. The resulting tens of thousands of hours of mastering experience gives Digital Editing Services its true edge as the region's premier mastering facility.

But that's just the beginning. In January 1998 D.E.S. upgraded to a Sonic Solutions mastering system, the acknowledged leader in mastering technology. The move to Sonic Solutions put the proverbial cherry on top! And now Digital Editing Services is taking the steps necessary to stay on the cutting edge of mastering technology with the addition of the Sonic Solutions SSHD high density mastering system, gearing up for future formats such as DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD, and adding a first class analog mastering system. Click Here for more details.


       Mastering Engineer - George Geurin

Over 3 decades of experience in analog & digital recording. (since 1973)

20 years experience as audio mastering engineer. (since 1991)

Experienced musician

As of end of 2010 has mastered over 3000 albums.



began as the first dedicated mastering room in the Dallas/Ft. Worth

 area in 1991. With the addition of the Sonic Solutions HDSP high-density

 mastering system in  1999 and the Sonic Studio soundBlade system in

2008, D.E.S. now has the leading-edge in technology  in audio mastering.



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