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D.E.S. -- Digital audio mastering & editing


has worked as a dedicated mastering facility since 1991 yielding tens of thousands of hours of experience in  mastering techniques and a catalog of over 3000 albums. Click Here for album credits.


is the only regional mastering facility offering high-density mastering (96k/48 bit).


offers world-class mastering and editing at rates affordable to the grassroots artist/producer.


features the Sonic Solutions SSHD, audibly the purest and most accurate digital audio mastering system in the industry, plus state-of-the-art digital 48 bit outboard processing. No Plug-Ins.


offers the finest in analog mastering, including the Ampex ATR-102 1/2" 2-track, soiid state processing via the Legendary Audio Masterpiece and tube processing by Manley and TubeTech.


offers attention to detail that only experience can bring. Our mastering engineer brings 36  years of experience in recording & mastering all genres of music.

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